Motorola Q9H Headed For Sprint as a Palm Powered Q2?

A holiday teaser site has revealed that a phone dubbed the Motorola Q2 will be "coming soon" to Sprint. If you look closely at the product image on the site, the Q2 appears to be a Motorola Q9H running a Palm OS instead of Windows Mobile 6. Naturally, this information is only a rumor at this point and nothing has been… » 11/09/07 5:20pm 11/09/07 5:20pm

Rumormill: 15.4-inch MacBooks Coming Q2?

Another one of those chatty Cathy Taiwan industry sources has leaked some information regarding a possible 15.4-inch MacBook release. This 15.4-inch MacBook is being made by Quanta Computer (the 13.3-inch MacBooks are made by Asustek) and is slated for a second quarter release. It is also being rumored that the price… » 2/15/07 1:55pm 2/15/07 1:55pm