Skype, Porn May Not Fly In Friendly Skies

The good news is, all you guys who have been dreading the use of internet calling on airplanes may be in luck, because airlines and airborne service providers alike are considering a ban on Skype. The bad news is, they're also considering a ban on that age-old lonely traveler's companion, porn, says the AP. Here's a… » 12/24/07 12:45pm 12/24/07 12:45pm

Qantas Revives In-Flight Internet With Wi-Fi and Ethernet Access

Just when most other airlines and airplane manufacturers are removing in-flight internet access, Qantas goes the exact opposite direction (into our hearts) and adds internet access. The A380 and 747-400 planes that will make up their web-enabled fleet will have both Wi-Fi and a charging slot to plug your laptop into.… » 7/24/07 2:00pm 7/24/07 2:00pm