Qik Cellphone Video Streaming Now Available On Nokia and Sony Ericsson Dumbphones

Qik, the service that turns a smartphone with a data plan into a live-streaming webcam, now works with over a dozen feature/non-smart/dumb phones with a new J2ME client currently in alpha. If you're a proud owner of one of the following 13 phones, you can start fiddling with the alpha today; and on top of that, Qik… »10/20/08 11:50am10/20/08 11:50am

Qik's Cellphone Video Broadcasting App Coming to Windows Mobile

Qik's been doing live video streaming (think live YouTube) from Nokia S60 cellphones for a few months now, but Mobilecrunch has the scoop that they're expanding to Windows Mobile phones shortly. The support and partnership will be officially announced next week at Tech-Ed, which will give WM users the ability to… »6/06/08 2:10pm6/06/08 2:10pm

Qik Streams Live Video From Nokia Phones, Beats YouTube By a Parsec

Here's a video Lam streamed to me live, direct from his Nokia N95 phone in Tahoe using the qik system. Not only could I see and hear what he was doing in real time, I could even type to him and have the words show up on his phone. It only works on Nokia phones (N70, N80 and N90-series included), but just imagine… »12/20/07 1:45pm12/20/07 1:45pm