Xensaxion: ROKR Docking Beats

We've seen an overabundance of iPod docking speakers, so it shouldn't be too much of a surprise to be bombarded with Qool Labs Xensaxion for your Motorola ROKR. A neat little gadget, it's a pair of docking speakers that also allows you to charge the phone, synchronize your files and even take a call using a hands… » 2/15/06 4:04pm 2/15/06 4:04pm

QDA Oh! Lands on Feet!

Another first to be announced, literally with an exclamation point, is Singapore-based Qool Labs new GDA Oh!, being touted as the first "Palm-Powered Smartphone powered by the Garnet 5.4 OS with 1.3MP!" That's a mouthful! Anyhow, it runs on Windows Mobile 2003 2nd Edition OS and Freescale iMX@1 266MHz processor! Also… » 10/24/05 11:30am 10/24/05 11:30am