How to Get Somebody Else to Pay for Your Starbucks Coffee

Oh hey, you know that new whiz-bang app Starbucks has for paying with your iPhone? Well, apparently the barcode it produces stays the same every time, meaning that a sneakily procured screenshot from somebody else's phone can net you infinite coffee (approx. a Trenta's worth) on their tab. [The Register] » 2/09/11 9:20pm 2/09/11 9:20pm

QR Code Jacket Patches Take Strangers On the Street to Your Blog, Stat!

We're sad that after all these years, the only place QR codes are actually useful is still good ol' Japan (where they're everywhere » 7/30/08 9:31am 7/30/08 9:31am). That said, San Francisco has , and there are readers available for just about every mobile platform (including iPhone)-which you'll have to make sure all of your friends have installed…