How QR Codes Work and Why They Suck So Hard

QR codes are a technology that desperately wants our attention. They appear everywhere from supermarket shelves and magazines to hiking trails and tombstones. Never heard of a QR code? You're looking at one right now. Scan the image at the top of this article, and it'll open a link to the mobile version...of this… » 12/18/12 2:20pm 12/18/12 2:20pm

Definitive Proof That Robots and QR Codes Are Not the Future of…

It's generally assumed that robots will eventually take over all jobs currently staffed by humans. But tending bar could be one of the hold outs, if this Social Drink Machine is any indication. It lets patrons place orders through a combination of social media, mobile apps, and QR codes, but in this case the whole is… » 11/14/12 11:20am 11/14/12 11:20am

Those Who Wear a QR Code T-Shirt Deserve Nothing But Ridicule

Hopefully this is some kind of unfunny joke, but there is now a line of QR code clothing. Yeah, that's right. QRTribe (that's a real name) makes hoodies, purses, and t-shirts all with these ugly things that no one uses printed on them. When you scan them they'll take you to a page that has links to all of your social… » 6/25/12 4:40pm 6/25/12 4:40pm

This Augmented Reality App Is the Final Nail in the QR Code's Hideous…

Just about everyone except for inept marketers can agree that QR codes are terrible and useless. That being said, there's not really a better alternative if you're looking to implement augmented-reality on the cheap. Until now, thanks to Layar's new page-scanning smartphone app. » 6/05/12 5:40pm 6/05/12 5:40pm

This Entire Town Is Plastered with QR Codes That Link to Wikipedia

Usually I hate QR codes. They're ugly technology needlessly solving non-problems in a flawed attempt to be futuristic. Even worse, people plaster them on the dumbest things: bikinis, burqas, butts, etc. And now, setting a new low, they've painted a whole town with QR codes. There are literally over a 1,000 QR codes… » 5/21/12 6:40pm 5/21/12 6:40pm

Sexy Women with QR Codes on Their Butts Is Awful Awful Awful

QR Codes, those impractical little squares that deliver information through a cell phone's camera, have seen their fair share of bad ideas. But this explosion of tackyness seems especially dumb and horrible and gross and UGH. » 3/09/12 12:01pm 3/09/12 12:01pm

WTF QR CODES: The Definitive Compendium of a Sad and Horrible…

For whatever reason, QR codes still haven't died. Near Field Communication is far superior in every conceivable way, yet it's only in a small handful of phones. And apparently I'm not the only one angry about the nine lives of this insufferable technology, because some people have dedicated a Tumblr to its… » 3/04/12 12:30pm 3/04/12 12:30pm

Now Android Users Can Pay For Their Venti Soya Mochaccino-Whatevers…

Joining the iPhone app, Starbucks now allows customers to pay for their beverages and calorie-laden baked goods with a QR code-creating app. It only works on Android 2.1+, and in the 6,800 national stores that support phone payments. [Android via Engadget] » 6/15/11 7:00am 6/15/11 7:00am