My Weekend Hanging Out With PC Gaming's Most Hardcore Players

Face-to-face LAN parties—local game gatherings, usually PC-focused—just aren't what they used to be in this modern, always connected age. Not even one of the biggest in the world can escape time. But the thousands of PC gamers who gather in Texas every summer are pushing off the inevitable as heroically as they can. » 7/30/14 5:48pm 7/30/14 5:48pm

BBQ Grill Casemod is Cookin' Up Some Gaming Goodness

With all of the heat a serious gaming rig can produce, it was only a matter of time before someone got the bright idea to turn a grill » 8/06/08 10:00pm 8/06/08 10:00pm into a PC case. There isn't any information as far as specs are concerned, but we can see that this QuakeCon competitor has a decent sized monitor mounted inside the lid with some…