Qualcomm FLO TV Personal Television Hands On: $250 To Shut Up The Kids?

After renders and box shots, FLO TV is officially airing its Personal TV device (or PTV). The 3.5-inch player broadcasts live terrestrial digital TV. But $250 along with a $9 monthly subscription fee for just a handheld TV?! » 10/07/09 12:00am 10/07/09 12:00am

Qualcomm FLO TV Personal Televison (PTV) Should Arrive Soon

There is no doubt that Qualcomm is planning to bring its FLO TV Personal TV (or PTV) to market soon with this fresh box shot we received. The device, as rumored, puts live terrestrial digital TV in your pocket. » 9/30/09 2:00pm 9/30/09 2:00pm

Qualcomm's Personal Television Device Will Have Mobile Live TV,…

The era of the PDA is gone, but what about a PTV (Personal Television Device)? Qualcomm is said to be working on an unconfirmed iPhone size-device without the streaming video restrictions; it will broadcast the company's mobile FLO TV. » 8/26/09 1:20pm 8/26/09 1:20pm