Intel's Tiny New Processor Could Shape Our Mobile Future

Reports of Moore's Law's demise have been greatly exaggerated. In its opening Developers Forum keynote presentation at San Francisco's Moscone West Center today, Intel unveiled its newest class of minuscule Quark processors. And at 14nm, the Quark could well make most any device smarter. » 9/10/13 2:01pm 9/10/13 2:01pm

Nvidia's Quark Smartphone Shows Its UI

Remember that Nvidia smartphone we spotted at 3GSM? Well, the girls at Shiny Shiny have gotten some video of what the phone's interface could look like. The video essentially shows you the kind of horsepower the new chip can harness. As for the UI itself, it kinda reminds me of the PSP's interface, excect a little… » 2/16/07 8:28am 2/16/07 8:28am

Quark Smartphone: Nvidia's iPhone Crusher

True video iPod or iPhone killer? To be honest, Nvidia's Quark smartphone has the makings of both. Unfortunately, it's only a concept, but if this is the ace up Nvidia's sleeve, we're psyched. First off, the Quark is a smartphone with a 3-inch touch-screen display. Aside from the power/hold switch, there are no… » 2/13/07 9:16pm 2/13/07 9:16pm