What Kind of Geek Are You?

If you're reading this website, you're very probably some sort of geek. Which is totally not a bad thing! The question is, of course, what kind of geek are you? A gadget geek? An Internet geek? Perhaps an Apple Fanboy Geek? Check out this infographic to find out. » 5/20/12 1:00pm 5/20/12 1:00pm

How Much Would You Pay for this Asspensive Artsy Fartsy Hollow Looking…

I have a drawer filled with USB drives that I've picked up along this windy life of mine but none of them look like Empty Memory, an artsy, almost jewelry-esque USB stick that looks like it's hollow. They only hold 4GB of data but BOY DO THEY LOOK COOL. » 1/24/12 7:00pm 1/24/12 7:00pm

What Would You Tell Your Friend if He Was a Terrorist?

Mohamed Osman Mohamud, a Oregon State University student, had planned to set off a car bomb at a 2010 Christmas Tree lighting ceremony in Portland, Oregon before he was caught (in a setup). His friends had no idea. Now, with hindsight, they're writing letters to him. » 8/13/11 12:00am 8/13/11 12:00am

Do You Use the Gmail Web App on Your iPhone?

High resolution icons and the pull down to refresh feature are finally coming to the Gmail web app on the iPhone. Awesome! But, uh, will anyone notice? I mean, does anyone even use the Gmail web app? » 8/04/11 11:15am 8/04/11 11:15am

How Dumb Was Your First Online Handle?

Your criminal record gets wiped clean the moment you turn 18, but every idiotic screenname and angst-ridden Xanga remains in perpetuity. GOOD had a few online journalists (including our own Mat "emptyage" Honan) share their first handles, to amusing but mostly harmless results. » 6/29/11 3:40pm 6/29/11 3:40pm

Which Jailbreak Apps Are You Using?

iOS 5.0 is pretty great and hits a lot of the bullet points iPhone users have long been complaining about. But, of course, jailbreaking still lets you do more with your iPhone. So what's your guys' favorite jailbreak apps? » 6/27/11 7:20pm 6/27/11 7:20pm

Would You Give Up Your Sense of Smell Before You Gave Up Tech?

In a survey of 7,000 16-to-30-year-olds, a not-entirely-surprising 53 percent chose tech over their sense of smell. Most of us here at Giz picked tech, since we'd obviously be massively unemployed without it. When we put the question to you on Twitter, most of you agreed with us, though our readers might not be the… » 5/26/11 9:00pm 5/26/11 9:00pm

What Is Your First Internet Memory?

Two Gizmodo colleagues, one former and one current, are discussing their first Internet memories as I type out this sentence. Sam Biddle abused his father's AOL screenname in the name of Valentine's Day advice, while Jon Herrman rocked Hootie. » 4/10/11 1:25pm 4/10/11 1:25pm

T-Mobile Customers, What Do You Guys Think About AT&T Buying T-Mobile?

T-Mobile users! AT&T bought T-Mobile and didn't ask you about it. How rude! That's why we're curious to see how you guys feel about your carrier being swallowed by AT&T. » 3/20/11 9:00pm 3/20/11 9:00pm

Are You Going to Buy the iPad 2?

The iPad 2 is here. It's crazy thin, rocks a dual core processor and has 2 cameras. Apple is even promising that both black and white versions will be available come March 11th for the same starting price as last year, $499. Clearly, it's the next generation of iPad. But! Some stuff hasn't changed: the screen isn't… » 3/02/11 4:00pm 3/02/11 4:00pm

Why Didn't the New 13-inch MacBook Pro Get a Higher Resolution Screen?

There's no question that the new MacBook Pros are blazingly awesome. The whole line has been rejuvenated with Sandy Bridge processors, better graphics and a lightning fast Thunderbolt I/O port. But one thing has been bothering us about the update, or rather, lack of update: The 13-inch MacBook Pro still has a lower… » 2/26/11 4:00pm 2/26/11 4:00pm

What Technologies Are Getting You Through Monday?

Mondays. Right? Pretty sure they're unconstitutional. But until we get them banned for good, what's your technological crutch for starting the week? I'll start. » 1/24/11 7:20pm 1/24/11 7:20pm

Are You Hopelessly Dependent on GPS?

I once considered myself in possession of a pretty good natural compass. It was nice. But now I have Google Maps in my pocket, and have a hard time imagining how I'd function without it. Are you lost without GPS? » 12/29/10 6:40pm 12/29/10 6:40pm

So...What Did You Get?

Santa's long gone and you've finished unwrapping all your gifts. Now we want to know: What did you get? Did you find everything your heart desired under the tree or were there only lumps of coal waiting? » 12/25/10 11:00am 12/25/10 11:00am

Are You Facebook Friends With Your Family?

We spent some time last night figuring out when you should go ahead and friend your parents on Facebook, but did you? And what about your brother, your sister, your aunt, your in-laws... where do you draw the line? » 12/10/10 6:40pm 12/10/10 6:40pm

If You Had to Get a Smartphone Today, Which Would You Buy?

Maybe you just recently bought the phone of your dreams. Maybe you're due for an upgrade. In any event, the phone you coveted six months ago is probably not the one you're coveting now. So which would you buy today? » 10/06/10 7:00pm 10/06/10 7:00pm