iPhone Firmware 2.2 Jailbroken, QuickPwn 2.2 Released

Once again, anything Apple can make, the enterprising Dev Team can break: the brand-new firmware 2.2 has been jailbroken. QuickPwn »11/22/08 8:00pm11/22/08 8:00pm should take care of everything, unless you're one of those unfortunate owners of the second-generation iPod touch, in which case you're out of luck at the moment. But everything else seems…

iPhone Dev Team Releases PwnageTool and QuickPwn for version 2.1

If you're an iPhone owner who wants the updates presented in the 2.1 firmware, and »9/13/08 12:00pm9/13/08 12:00pm want to run jail-broken applications, the iPhone Dev Team today released PwnageTool and QuickPwn for 2.1 devices. According to the folks at the Unofficial Apple Weblog, this update does not work with iPod Touch 2g, and is "for iPhones…

iPhone Jailbreak Now QuickPwned: No Need for iTunes-Based Restore

News is just out of a new way to jailbreak your iPhone, and this time the tool is specifically designed to work "quickly and easily, without requiring a full restore." Quickpwn has been released as a beta, intended to complement the main PwnageTool. It works with iPhones and iPod's running 2.0.1 firmware, and operates… »8/18/08 5:39am8/18/08 5:39am