Why You Never Hear About World-Altering Inventions Created by Committee

Modern corporate culture is in L-O-V-E, love with meetings (and any opportunity to engage in groupthink). But if you look back, history's real intellectual heavyweights weren't "team players." Intellectual giants like DaVinci, Einstein, and even Steve Wozniak, all developed their best works in near solitude. Quiet, by… »3/01/12 11:00am3/01/12 11:00am


Home Theater Produces Waves of Massive, Throbbing...Silence

The acoustic isolating design of this home theater makes it the first I've ever read that brags about how silent it runs. Those wall panels hanging from this basement den absorb sound, as do the dense 1-pound per square foot barriers behind the double walls. Then there's the floating floor made of a plywood top placed… »10/30/07 11:04pm10/30/07 11:04pm

Confirmed: Xbox 360 Elite Doesn't Use Super-Quiet BenQ Drives

If you remember back to our Xbox 360 DVD drive comparison, you'll remember that the order of quietness in the units went Toshiba-Samsung loudest (the launch drives), Hitachi-LG in the middle, and BenQ LiteOn-Philips quietest (all Xboxes manufactured after November '06). So which do you think the Xbox 360 Elite would… »4/27/07 3:28pm4/27/07 3:28pm