This Trewgrip Backwards Keyboard Gives You an Absurd New Way to Type

The Trewgrip mobile QWERTY keyboard for iOS and Android devices is absurd. It's a handheld keyboard that puts the keys behind the board but arranges the letter in a weird way that somehow makes sense. So you hold the keyboard like you would a game pad and type by pressing keys on the back. It tries to make sense… »1/05/14 8:12pm1/05/14 8:12pm

BlackBerry Q10: The Next Generation Physical QWERTY Beast Has a Touchscreen Too (Updating)

BlackBerry's QWERTY handset for BlackBerry 10 is official. Launched today, BB10 and its accompanying hardware do away with a lot of baggage that has been holding the company back, but the physical QWERTY keyboard is here to stay. This slim, lightweight phone with wonderful clicky keys is its future. »1/30/13 10:31am1/30/13 10:31am

T-Mobile G2 Runs Android 2.2 But Only Has A 800MHz Processor

Looks like the T-Mobile G2 will actually have an 800MHz processor instead of the 1GHz Snapdragon we were expecting. Which will disappoint the number hungry among us, but I'll wait to play with it before I write off an otherwise excellent looking phone. In better news, Android 2.2 and Flash 10.1 is a definite go… »9/01/10 11:58pm9/01/10 11:58pm