Sony QX100 Review: Glorious Photos, Painful Package

It's fascinating to watch traditional camera manufacturers try to adapt their technology to a world in which smartphones can take great photos. Point-and-shoots have never been better, and yet they've never been less useful to the everyman. Which is why Sony packed all of its wonderful pocket-cam technology into its… » 9/27/13 3:01pm 9/27/13 3:01pm

Sony QX100: A Fancy, Freaky Lens-Camera That Feeds Off Your Smartphone

Sony has been doing wonderful things with imaging in recent years, but despite redefining what we can expect from a compact point-and-shoot camera, the company has yet to make a definitive statement in the mobile imaging you do with your smartphone. The QX100 appears to be that statement—and boy is it weird looking. » 9/04/13 11:00am 9/04/13 11:00am