Nintendo Sues Piracy-Enabling R4 Cart, R4 Sales Predictably Skyrocket

Yesterday, Kotaku reported on Nintendo and 54 software makers filing an injunction to stop the sales of the R4 and similar devices in Japan. For the uninitiated, the R4 allows you to download DS games online and play them on your DS. Yes, DS piracy. And now said piracy is threatened! So what does that mean? R4 sales… »7/30/08 1:45pm7/30/08 1:45pm

Delicious (and Not So Delicious) GMC PC Case Designs

Although we think CeBIT is largely a waste of convention center, one standout was Korean PC-case master GMC (no relation to America's own troubled automotive titan). Its sexiest case concept was by far the disc-shaped red-and-black beauty captured by Aving above. Even its simple name, "Pot," evokes a feeling of peace… »3/08/08 2:00pm3/08/08 2:00pm