Lenovo's Entire New ThinkPad Line Leaked, X300 Gets Siblings

A few months back, we broke news on Lenovo's ultra-thin, ultra-functional X300 laptop. Now we've gotten an update on what the company's been up to during the interim. All of their lines are seeing a major refresh, but the biggest news is that starting this September, the famous X300 will have a family. » 4/10/08 5:49pm 4/10/08 5:49pm

LG R400 Laptop: Say Hi to the Latest Hybrid

Samsung may have got there first, but now fellow Koreans LG have joined the race to be at the forefront of the hybrid hard drive market with their R400. Online stores are already taking orders for the laptop, which boots machines using a flash-based non-volatile cache. As well all the normal hybrid benefits… » 3/08/07 7:45am 3/08/07 7:45am