Rocket Racers: Like Crazier NASCAR In the Sky

If you thought Red Bull Racing was crazy, you won't believe the Rocket Racing League. Think NASCAR, but in the air, using planes powered by solid-state rockets flying simultaneously. The racers take off in pairs, separated by minutes, competing against the clock at the same time. That means that they will have to… » 7/29/08 9:40pm 7/29/08 9:40pm

Silbervogel Gravity Car Has No Muscle, Still Makes the Mark

The Silbervogel Gravity Car concept, by Jakob Hirzel from the Pforzheim University Of Applied Sciences in Germany, has no engine, but still wants to grow up and be a real racing vehicle. The racer relies solely on, you guessed it, gravity to pick up speed. We're thinking the whole exempt engine thing is going to give… » 3/25/08 6:45am 3/25/08 6:45am