AMD's New Radeon Is a Preposterous Powerhouse You'll Wish You Needed

If you buy video cards, chances are you have a lust for power. No respectable PC builder doesn't at least covet insane high-end cards, even without ever really considering them. Well here's a new sucker to salivate at, the 11.5 teraflop, water-cooled AMD Radeon R9 295X2. The new coolest card you have no reason to own. » 4/08/14 8:00am 4/08/14 8:00am

ASUS 5870 Eyefinity Supports More Displays Than You Have Eyes

When you're about to drop a black market kidney payment on a graphics card, you may go for flat-out speed—which makes sense. But another option might be more than enough speed and support for six displays. » 3/31/10 9:58am 3/31/10 9:58am

Giz Explains: GPGPU Computing, and Why It'll Melt Your Face Off

No, I didn't stutter: GPGPU—general-purpose computing on graphics processor units—is what's going to bring hot screaming gaming GPUs to the mainstream, with Windows 7 and Snow Leopard. Finally, everbody's face melts! Here's how. » 5/13/09 3:00pm 5/13/09 3:00pm