DIY Geiger Counter: When the Big One Drops, You Will Be Ready

When the world finally goes all to hell and the missiles start flying, a Geiger counter will be a handy tool for anyone who survives the blast. Be prepared by building your own Mr. Fission radar detector. The device works with a standard Geiger tube, a high voltage power supply, and a design based around a Motorola… »11/21/07 6:00pm11/21/07 6:00pm


Cell Sensor Measures Your Slow Death From Killer Cellphones, Radiation

Get out the tin foil hats, folks, 'cause the radiation's coming! Wait, it's already here. Run for your lives! This Cell Sensor EMF detector will make you even more paranoid by measuring both electromagnetic fields (EMF) and radio frequency (RF) radiation. Jeez, that sounds so dangerous and scary: Radiation. That's… »2/28/07 1:30pm2/28/07 1:30pm

Nukalert Lets You Know You're Getting Poisoned, Shrugs Ambivalently

This Nukalert key chain does more than just hold your keys — it also alerts you to your imminent death by radiation. Yes, it's a radiation detector and alarm, set to beep when you're standing in an area that is currently killing you. It's one of those things that notifies you of a problem but doesn't offer any… »1/04/07 1:06pm1/04/07 1:06pm