Pull This Cute Portable Radiator Around The Room Like a Warm-Bodied Pet

Okay, so it's not quite the right season, but I've fallen in love with this adorable Kangeri "nomadic radiator." Guide the little guy around the room and let him gently warm up your personal space, kind of like the puppy you can't have because your apartment building won't allow pets. » 4/17/14 3:40pm 4/17/14 3:40pm

This Gorgeous Sheet of Glass Is Actually an Expensive as Hell Radiator

I won't fault anyone for spending $3,640 on this radiator because it looks so flipping cool. Called the Matières à Chaud (Hot Matters) and designed by 5.5 Designers in Paris, its sheet of glass (only half an inch thick!) uses Quantum Glass to heat the room up. » 5/03/11 10:40pm 5/03/11 10:40pm

Sometimes Standing By the Radiator is Not Enough

The number of times I've come close to burning my ass when leaning against the radiator, I could count on two hands. If I had a radiator that warmed-up removable heatpads I wouldn't need to bother with a hot-water bottle. » 11/02/10 5:00am 11/02/10 5:00am

Who Says Radiators Have to Be Ugly?

The "Bag" and "Totem" radiators are actually more like contemporary showpieces. Both models are composed of a warm wooden body that is heated with aluminum detailing. » 3/26/09 8:40pm 3/26/09 8:40pm

Radiator Harp Classes Up Your Cold Apartment, Burns Visitor's Fingers

We've been lucky enough to live most of our lives in areas that have central heating, so we don't quite have the experience of having an ugly radiator sitting in our rooms. For those of you who have, this harp radiator is just the thing to make your place that much more classy while at the same time providing a net… » 12/28/07 1:20pm 12/28/07 1:20pm

Mirrored Radiator Packs Ambilight and Digital Clock

Radiators aren't what I'd call sexy gadgets, but this one here kicks things up a few notches with a mirrored finish, built-in digital clock, and a halo-like lighting effect. » 4/09/07 10:35am 4/09/07 10:35am

Radical Radiators of the Future

Somebody's finally decided to improve the design of the lowly radiator. Designboom held a contest called "The Radical Radiators of the Future," and the winner was Archibald, a "servant radiator" that not only warms up the room, it warms up your clothes as well. The runners-up are just as good, maybe better: » 2/15/07 9:06am 2/15/07 9:06am

Madonna, The Knobby Radiator

Let this breast-inspired radiator heat up your life, literally! Okay, I was exaggerating; nowhere on the manufacturer homepage does the words breast-inspired come about, but honestly. Look at this beast, and it is named the Madonna to boot. Aeon, the manufacturer, calls the design eye-catching, but I like to think of… » 4/21/06 6:55pm 4/21/06 6:55pm