These Headphones From 1927 Look So Much Worse Than Earbuds

Throughout the 20th century, radio nerds were trying to figure out how to build the perfect headphones. Over-the-ear varieties could get hot and sweaty. In-ear varieties would fall out. And then there were these clamp-ons from 1927, which looked like the least comfortable of the bunch — despite what the manufacturers… »2/17/15 12:21pm2/17/15 12:21pm

The 1930s Refrigerator-Radio Combo That Never Quite Took Off

By the late 1930s the vast majority of American households had a radio. So how were radio manufacturers supposed to expand their market? By insisting that the ideal American home has a radio in every room . Sometimes that meant putting radios in the latest appliances — like right inside every American's favorite… »9/22/14 3:14pm9/22/14 3:14pm

Tech Nerds Freaked Out About Obsolescence 100 Years Ago Too

Do you find yourself obsessing over the latest tech? Does owning the newest model smartphone or tablet feel like a need more than a desire? Well, as you can see in this comic strip from 1919, your anxiety about having the Latest New Thing is actually nothing new. In fact, you're continuing a long tradition of nerds… »9/17/14 12:11pm9/17/14 12:11pm

How One 1920s Feminist Imagined Our Futuristic High-Tech World

Josephine Daskam Bacon was an author known for her adventure serials that featured female protagonists. But in 1929, she took a break from her regular fiction writing and slipped on her futurist goggles for an article in Century magazine titled "In Nineteen Seventy-Nine." Bacon imagined just how much progress women… »8/12/14 5:16pm8/12/14 5:16pm

The 1920s Tabloid Reporter Who Predicted TV Could Kill Newspapers

"What for example could be staler than to-morrow morning's newspaper account of a prize-fight or political convention one has already received over the radio?" wrote one commentator in 1928. Radio was overtaking print as the news medium of the day and some people insisted that newspapers were going to disappear… »8/04/14 4:06pm8/04/14 4:06pm

When Radio In Every Room Was the Dream of the Future

In 1939 Radio-Craft magazine wrote a series of articles promising that they would build a home of the future in Teaneck, New Jersey. What fantastical, futuristic technology would they show off? Robot servants, newspapers printed by radiowaves, and glowing walls? Sadly, no. The tech of tomorrow in this house was… »6/19/14 4:21pm6/19/14 4:21pm

America's First 'Wireless Newspaper' Killed Catalina's Carrier Pigeons

If you lived on the small Southern California island of Catalina at the turn of the century, news was hard to come by. The island had a rather unreliable carrier pigeon system and copies of the L.A. Times wouldn't arrive by boat until around 1:30 in the afternoon. News was slow moving. But all that changed on March… »3/03/14 6:00pm3/03/14 6:00pm

The First Radio Nerds Were A Bunch of Trolls

Today, there's a lot of scaremongering in the media surrounding online trolling. When people are being terrible to each other, there's often this knee-jerk reaction to blame the technology rather than acknowledge that human beings have always been just plain horrible. Case in point: the radio trolls of 1910. »9/16/13 6:00pm9/16/13 6:00pm

Hello Frisco! A 1924 Map of The First Coast-to-Coast Radio Broadcast

America got a little bit smaller on the night of February 8, 1924. Or at least it felt that way. From a banquet hall at the Congress Hotel in Chicago one man could be heard simultaneously in New York, Jacksonville, Denver, San Francisco, and even Havana, Cuba (which was no longer technically controlled by the U.S.… »8/26/13 2:21pm8/26/13 2:21pm