Will the iPhone 5 Be As Ridiculous As This 1989 Transportable Phone in …

I was only a wee pup in 1989 so I totally don't remember this ridiculously awesome Radio Shack "transportable" cellular phone. My first memory of cell phones were brick-sized, not car battery-sized like this one. But still! It was portable! You could use it in your car! I wonder if we'll look back on the iPhone 5 in 20… » 9/20/12 11:30pm 9/20/12 11:30pm

Your Best iPad 2 Bet Tomorrow: RadioShack

A blurry photo sent into MacRumors—and confirmation from local managers—indicates that the best place to find an iPad 2 tomorrow might just be RadioShack. Five hundred storefronts across the US will apparently be getting units in tomorrow, although don't start downloading those HD apps quite yet. » 3/28/11 4:07pm 3/28/11 4:07pm

Remember, You Can Always Return Your New iPhone

If the antenna really is a dealbreaker for you, if your screen still has yellow spots...even if you're just afraid of dropping/shattering the iPhone 4, don't worry. You can still return it, no matter who you bought it from: » 6/28/10 11:53am 6/28/10 11:53am