Earthquake Damage Has This Giant Telescope Hanging by a Thread

Arecibo Observatory, the world's largest single-dish radio telescope, should look familiar to anyone who watched GoldenEye or Contact a lot as a kid. But an earthquake near the observatory did some serious damage last month, nearly snapping one of the cables supporting the reflector platform hovering 450 feet in the… » 2/13/14 11:00am 2/13/14 11:00am

Scientists Do Extreme Close-Up On Milky Way's Black Hole

Forget "pretend" black holes in optical cables » 9/04/08 7:39am 9/04/08 7:39am: astronomers at MIT have taken the highest-ever resolution imagery of the region of space near the giant black hole at the center of our galaxy, as shown in this image. In fact, the bright spot in the center is what they were looking at: it's a funky space-object dubbed…

New Mexico Radio Telescope Hears Jupiter-Area Calls

Scientists seem to be focused on extraterrestrial mobile phone service recently, first planning for them on the moon and now claiming the ability to detect a cellular call on Jupiter. This half-billion-mile range is made possible by upgrading their Very Large Array radio telescope to handle digital data streams. » 2/24/08 7:00pm 2/24/08 7:00pm