Radioactive Iodine Levels Near Fukishima Plant Are 1250 Times Higher Than Normal

Radioactivity levels have spiked in seawater just offshore the Fukushima Daiichi plant. Tests have found that the radioactivity is 1,250 times higher than normal with radioactive water being found in 3 of the 6 reactors. Three workers have actually sustained burns after being exposed to the radiation. [Reuters] »3/26/11 11:32am3/26/11 11:32am


Japan Tells People Not to Drink Tap Water in Fukushima Prefecture

Japan's Healthy Ministry has advised villagers near the nuclear plant to not drink the tap water because of radioactive iodine. Ministry spokesman Takayuki Matsuda said that radioactive iodine three times the normal level was found in water 19 miles (30km) away from the nuclear plant. The contaminated water is only… »3/20/11 2:23pm3/20/11 2:23pm