VoodooPC Will Survive, But Confirms "Integration" into HP

I just got off the phone with Rahul Sood, founder of VoodooPC, who confirmed that the rumors of Voodoo's demise » 10/03/08 5:02pm 10/03/08 5:02pm were not just premature but "nonsense," but said "HP is asking us to integrate into the larger execution engine." Rahul is comfortable speaking both plainly and in business-ese—what we take this to mean is that…

Is HP Shutting Down VoodooPC?

Techgage is reporting credible evidence to support a rumor that HP is going to shut down the VoodooPC operation, citing both an internal e-mail discussing layoffs, and the fact that the company returned over 300 power supplies to Topower, a hardware partner. It would be strange for HP to be shutting down its boutique… » 9/22/08 8:17pm 9/22/08 8:17pm

HP's Voodoo-Powered Blackbird 002 Unveiled By Creator (Video)

Click to viewTonight in New York, VoodooPC cofounder (and HP employee) Rahul Sood shows off his newest miracle of PC science, the Blackbird 002. It's a little long (7min, 30sec or so) so you might want to grab a beverage. –Video by Richard Blakeley » 9/05/07 9:18pm 9/05/07 9:18pm