Holy crap, this train derailment created a massive freaking explosion

Oh my. This is beyond scary. A mile-long train carrying crude oil derailed near a small town in North Dakota and sent explosions, flames and dark black smoke into the sky. Luckily (and almost unbelievably), no one was hurt in the accident that looked a lot more like a nuke exploding than a train derailment. Thank god. »12/30/13 10:41pm12/30/13 10:41pm

World's Largest Underground High-Speed Rail Station Will be Spectacular, Surreal-Looking

The Express Rail Link West Kowloon Terminus, when completed (sometime in 2015), will be the world's largest underground high-speed rail station, occupying a whopping 4,628,481sq/ft! Its surreal modern design is the work of international architectural studio Aedas, who with it demonstrate the interconnectedness of… »5/02/12 11:00pm5/02/12 11:00pm