World's Deepest Undersea Tunnel Weaves Together Two Continents

It's been a long time since Istanbul was an economic focal point between Asia and the West. But, yesterday, at the opening of the deepest underwater railway ever built, Turkish officials described their vision to "restore the Silk Road" and link London with Beijing—thanks to a Japanese-funded railway beneath the… »10/30/13 10:00am10/30/13 10:00am

Fuel Cell-powered Train Cuts Back on Pollution, Conductor's Speech Still Garbled

While we were stuck waiting for our never-approaching train (that's the NY subway system for ya), East Japan Railway today rolled out the world's first fuel cell hybrid train. The train, which zooms along at up to 60mph for 30 to 60 miles, carries two 65-kilowatt fuel cells along with six hydrogen tanks and a second… »10/19/06 7:53pm10/19/06 7:53pm