This Reflective Umbrella Surrounds You In a Super-Safe Halo of Light

To me, whimsical umbrellas—you know, the kind printed with Starry Night or cats—have always seemed like a mockery of the rain-drenched commuter's misery. But this reflective version actually makes practical sense, since it turns its owner into a glowing beacon of safety. » 2/23/14 10:00am 2/23/14 10:00am

China Plans to Fight Its Smog With Artificial Rain

China has an awful smog problem, which means its cities smell, are hard to breathe in, and, in the most unfortunate extreme, give children cancer. But its authorities hope that it may have found a solution, in the form of artificial rain. » 12/05/13 8:30am 12/05/13 8:30am

Finally, Someone Made a Visor For Your Car's Side Mirrors

Most cars have wipers on the front and back windshields, and some even on the the headlights. But you'll be hard pressed to find a vehicle with wiper blades on the side mirrors which get just as wet and obscured when it's raining. So instead of just crossing your fingers and hoping you're not cutting someone off when… » 8/26/13 1:14pm 8/26/13 1:14pm

The Rainmakers: How Human Beings Control the Weather

Humans have been trying to control the weather since the day we traded in our spears for shovels. Cultures from every corner of the globe have worshipped rain-granting deities, and our sci-fi villains have been obsessed with flood and drought. But in the modern era, we no longer have use for the old water gods. We've… » 7/09/13 2:46pm 7/09/13 2:46pm

Facebook's Data Center Humidity "Challenge" Was Indoor Rain

In 2011 Facebook reported that their first data center in Prineville, OR had a high humidity issue. Probably not the best condition for servers, sure. But it turns out that wonky temperature controls were actually causing condensation in the data center. Like indoor rain. Like it was literally raining in the server… » 6/09/13 12:00pm 6/09/13 12:00pm

Inside the Rain Room: Walking Through a Downpour Without Getting Wet

The first thing you notice about Rain Room, the sure blockbuster installation that opened at MoMA on Friday, is the tropical humidity. The second thing is the sound from hundreds of gallons of water pouring from an artificial ceiling. Finally, after your eyes adjust to the darkness, you actually see it: Rain Room, a… » 5/13/13 12:52pm 5/13/13 12:52pm

The Last Umbrella You'll Ever Buy Can Easily Survive a Wind Tunnel

Taking inspiration from a motorcycle helmet, which protects riders from the elements without hindering their line of sight, Stephen Collier created the Rainshader to be the next generation of umbrellas. And given it can survive Gale Force 7 winds up to 40 miles per hour, it could be the last brolly you ever buy. » 5/09/13 11:29am 5/09/13 11:29am

The World's Smallest Automatic Umbrella: Drench Protection That Fits in …

The Weather Channel reporters, with all their talk of Doppler radars and satellites and fear mongering weather graphics, are, in the end, just a bunch of liars. They may say you're in for sunny skies, but just hours later you'll find yourself beneath a torrential downpour, umbrella-less and unprepared. Hammacher… » 3/07/13 11:16am 3/07/13 11:16am

An Umbrella Made of Cork to Plug Up the Rain

Totally sustainable, naturally impermeable, and protector of drinkables, cork is an incredible thing. But more than being functional, it's all the rage with the kids these days! And we can see why. This newly unveiled cork umbrella from Pelcor is lovely to look at but with the added, smug bonus of knowing your… » 3/01/13 7:20pm 3/01/13 7:20pm

Never-Before-Seen Video Shows Fire Raining On the Sun

» 2/20/13 1:20pm 2/20/13 1:20pm

"On July 19, 2012, the Sun produced a medium-size solar flare," NASA says on this new video captured by its Solar Dynamics Observatory, "what occurred with the flare was amazing." It's true. It's amazing. Fire started to fall down like rain—a hell waterfall many times the size of planet Earth. You have to watch this… » 2/20/13 1:20pm 2/20/13 1:20pm

The Scientific Way to Keep From Slipping When You Run

Winter is breathing its nasty breath all over your best intentions. You want to keep up your running routine, but the sidewalks are getting slippery with rain, or worse, ice. With just a few adjustments, we'll teach you how to laugh in Old Man Winter's hoary face. » 11/28/12 3:40pm 11/28/12 3:40pm