Awesome photo of a V-22 Osprey inside a rainbow

Just a perfect photo of a Marines MV-22 Osprey landing on the flight deck of the dock landing ship USS Harpers Ferry. The timing is lovely because it’s landing right through a rainbow, making the color of the aircraft (or at least the part that’s inside the rainbow) just a little more shimmery and different. »10/29/15 3:35am10/29/15 3:35am


Luxeed is Rainbow LED Keyboard for Hippies, Those Who Can't Afford an Optimus

We first showed you the rainbow-illuminated Luxeed LED keyboard »8/05/08 5:34am8/05/08 5:34am a year and a half ago, but then it was in Korean letter-style versions. Now it's got plain old Western characters and is on sale in the US. It's not quite in the same league as the legendary , sure, but with 430 LEDs embedded inside—each fully…