Rally drivers escape from car on fire in terrifying video

Watch Robert Consani and copilot Maxime Vilmot escaping a sudden fire quickly spreading inside their car at the 2014 Geko Ypres Rally, in Belgium. Thanks to their quick reaction and the help of the race marshals and other drivers they managed to survive unscathed. » 8/27/14 10:42pm 8/27/14 10:42pm

Insane rally driver shows that you only need two wheels to take a curve

Violent crash in a ridiculous tiny car filmed with GoPro cameras

"Can you feel your legs?" That's what pilot Steve Poot asks copilot Nicolas Pire after badly crashing their Renault Clio R3t at the 2014 Rallye de Wallonie , in Belgium. The Clio is a ridiculous small French car so this must really suck despite the safety cage. » 5/05/14 9:21pm 5/05/14 9:21pm

This ridiculous badminton rally shows how impossibly quick humans are

Badminton is silly and soft and dainty and not tennis, right? I don't know anymore! This impossibly fast rally makes it seem like an impossibly fast sport played by humans who have impossibly fast reaction times. Even robots couldn't see the ball and hit the ball so fast. It's incredible. » 3/24/14 9:06pm 3/24/14 9:06pm