Watch Randi Zuckerberg Have a Facebook Freakout Over Her Photo Going…

You probably already read about Randi Zuckerberg's faux-privacy violation on Facebook this week. But odds are you're not part of her inner circle. Lucky for you, a tipster who's "Friends" with RZ gave up the goods directly from her wall. » 12/28/12 11:12pm 12/28/12 11:12pm

Randi Zuckerberg Is Just as Confused by Facebook Privacy as You Are

Randi Zuckerberg shared the above photo of her family—including Facebook Czar-in-Chief Mark Zuckerberg—on Facebook. Then it got out into the world, and Randi got all upset about her privacy. Oh, boo hoo, Randi! » 12/26/12 10:05am 12/26/12 10:05am