Two Laptops Locked In An Endless Rock-Paper-Scissors Battle

Playing rock-paper-scissors with a friend or family member is actually a pretty sophisticated intellectual challenge. You might choose your move based on a personal preference or whim, but you're probably also thinking about what your opponent is going to pick. Sometimes you can just feel your brother leaning paper,… » 11/03/13 12:16pm 11/03/13 12:16pm

DIY Alphanumeric Password Generator. Verdict: Pretty 4UC387G Useful

How secure are your passwords? Probably not very. The guys over at Popsci have a neat partial solution to that problem: a DIY alphanumeric random password generator. Made with an Olimex AVR development board and some custom software, the gizmo produces 16-character passcodes on its LCD at the press of a button. No… » 4/04/08 9:04am 4/04/08 9:04am