Audio Engineer: Metallica's Latest Album Sounds Better on Vinyl

Ian Shepherd, the same Mastering Engineer that claimed Metallica's latest album sounds better on Guitar Hero III » 10/17/08 7:20pm 10/17/08 7:20pm, has and said that even the vinyl version sounds better than the CD. Keep in mind that the heavily distorted tracks on the album are the result of an editing process that sacrifices dynamic range for an…

Range Kitchen Concept, for Mobile Cooking at Home

Ok, tackling the standard kitchen design for improved eco-friendliness or chicness makes sense, but for portability, like this Whirlpool Range concept? Nope... don't see it. I mean designer Weston Boege has made it look all very nice, with those curvaceous lines and wooden accents. And his design squeezes in a small… » 4/02/08 7:56am 4/02/08 7:56am

Fisher & Paykel Izona Cooksurface: Gas Range Goes High-Tech

Fisher and Paykel have had a re-think of the humble kitchen range. Their new Izona Cooksurface looks more like a ceramic electric hob than a gas one, and dumps the four-burner pattern that nearly every other range uses. Though this gives you fewer cooking stations, it at least means you won't set your sleeves on fire… » 3/24/08 6:31am 3/24/08 6:31am