Politicians Shaking Hands With Robots, Ranked

Politicians love to shake hands with their constituents. It's basically half their job. But over the past two decades we've seen the rise of a surprising new constituency that they need to engage with a firm handshake: Robots. » 3/10/15 3:30pm 3/10/15 3:30pm

The Greatest Spies In Pop Culture, Ranked

If you believe fiction, spies are everywhere. You cannot turn around without bumping into someone in a wig, armed with a gun masquerading as a tasteful pair of earrings, and carrying secret plans in microdot form. There are so many, we decided to rank them. » 2/12/15 12:10pm 2/12/15 12:10pm

Sci-Fi Visions of 2015, Ranked

We're just hours away from 2015. What will the mysterious future hold? Fortunately there are a number of films set in this far-flung future year to tell us what's coming. These are their visions of (literally) tomorrow, ranked in order of desirability. » 12/31/14 1:00pm 12/31/14 1:00pm

​Apple's Homemade Fonts, Ranked

Apple recently debuted one of its first in-house fonts in nearly 20 years. The tech company's most frequently-used typefaces now are Myriad, Lucida Grande, Avenir, and Helvetica Neu, all brought in from third parties. But in its early days, graphic designers like Susan Kare helped Apple stand apart from competitors by… » 12/01/14 9:00am 12/01/14 9:00am

The Biggest Airlines, Ranked By Thanksgiving Delays

Holiday travel is hell. Combine early winter weather with hoards of angry passengers rushing for their childhood twin beds, and delays are pretty much a given. So how long will you yourself get to spend sightseeing around a crowded airport terminal? Depends on who you fly. » 11/24/14 3:05pm 11/24/14 3:05pm

OS X Yosemite Dock Icons, Ranked

Apple just released OS X Yosemite. It looks pretty nice. The typeface is new. The menus are frosty. The new "Dark Mode" is dashing. And, best of all, the icons are fresh and delightful. Well, most of them are. » 10/17/14 11:07am 10/17/14 11:07am

The Best and Worst Celebrity Apps

In today's flooded app market, it's hard for developers to get an idea noticed, and even harder to get it to stick. Needless to say celebrity cred goes a long way, and so has birthed an unlikely partnership between Hollywood stars and software programmers. » 10/15/14 2:04pm 10/15/14 2:04pm

BlackBerry's Potential Canadian Spokespeople, Ranked

Finally BlackBerry (reportedly) called on Canada's most reputable citizen, Drake, to promote the upcoming BlackBerry Passport. But despite Drizzy's only cares being money and the city that he's from, he declined. So who should BlackBerry call? » 6/20/14 11:20am 6/20/14 11:20am

Utopias, Ranked

There are all kinds of different utopian visions in the world. But which ones are the best? Today we have the definitive (and comprehensive) list of utopias ranked from least amazing to most amazing. » 4/17/14 1:40pm 4/17/14 1:40pm

Apple Changing the Way It Ranks Apps Is a Bloomin' Good Idea

How do you define quality? Is it the number of people who've downloaded a fart app, or the number of positive reviews it's had? Apple's said to be changing the way it organizes its app rankings, with a greater emphasis on people who are actually using and loving the app. It makes sense; I'm only surprised it's taken… » 4/18/11 12:08pm 4/18/11 12:08pm

J.D. Power Gives Top Marks to Verizon for Nationwide Call Quality

Kudos to Verizon for snagging the coveted J.D. Power award for best call quality. The award confirms what many former AT&T customers have probably known for some time now. J.D. Power's testing was done between July and December and found Verizon to have the best/tied for the best scores in categories like customer… » 3/06/11 5:00pm 3/06/11 5:00pm

NY Times Anoints Ebooks With Their Own Best-Seller List

Starting early next year, the venerable NY Times is going to include ebooks in its weekly literary sales ratings. Taking their place alongside paperbacks and hardcovers, ebooks will be ranked based on a system that it took the Grey Lady two years to perfect: » 11/11/10 11:40am 11/11/10 11:40am

Here's Who Really Rules the Twitterverse

All apologies to Lady Gaga, but it turns out that your quantity of Twitter followers isn't nearly as important as their quality. At least not for news-media feeds, according to this new ranking of the 100 most influential media Twits. » 9/09/10 11:00am 9/09/10 11:00am

Here Are the 1000 Most Popular Websites In the World

Google just released a list of the top 1000 websites in the world, something they're uniquely suited to rank, since most traffic funnels through them first. Google left themselves off (they'd be #1), so Facebook and Yahoo are close together at 1 and 2. To save you time, we're at 540, edging out Pandora, Intel, that… » 5/27/10 6:25pm 5/27/10 6:25pm

Verizon Dominates Zagat's First Cellphone Carrier Survey

If Patrick Bateman had a cellphone, he'd probably be rocking a Droid (with a Phil Collins ringtone, natch) after Verizon topped four of six major categories in Zagat's debut Wireless Carriers Survey. » 1/15/10 5:20pm 1/15/10 5:20pm

HP Ranked #1 Green Company (What!?)

Newsweek's latest Green Rankings gave Hewlett Packard the top position, establishing the firm as the greenest Fortune 500 company this year—a far cry from Greenpeace's #14 ranking. So what gives? » 10/15/09 1:40am 10/15/09 1:40am