I Have Never Seen a Superhero Act Stupider Than on Last Night's The Flash

Man, last night’s episode of The Flash was fun. “Welcome to Earth-2" sent Barry and Cisco to a parallel world where Barry is a nerd in tweed, Joe West is a lounge singer, and TVs are vertical instead of horizontal. (Madness!) And yet the most amazing change is that it turned Earth-1’s Flash into an imbecile and an…


I Miss the Heroes of the 80s Who Got Their Asses Kicked All the Time

The 80s were a simpler, more macho time. It was the era of Ronald Reagan, Rambo, and Bruce Springsteen’s patriotic denim buttcheek. But when I think about 80s pop culture, I think about heroes who got their asses handed to them. I miss that vulnerability and determination to keep going after a horrendous defeat.

What It Means To Be a Science Fiction Writer in the Early 21st Century

I believe that science fiction’s best days are ahead of it, because I have read a lot of science fiction. And if this genre has taught me anything, it’s optimism about human ingenuity—along with a belief that the unexpected is just around the corner. I’m not alone: Many people seem to feel like science fiction is…


MST3K Has Found the Perfect Formula for Reviving a Beloved Series

Whenever a beloved project like Mystery Science Theater 3000 returns to life, there’s always the danger that it’s going to be a pale simulacrum of the original. Or so awful that it tarnishes the original version. But the new MST3K is uniquely positioned to avoid these pitfalls—not just because of what it was, but how…