NASA Is Blasting the First 3D Printer Into Space Tonight

A few minutes after 2 AM tonight, a SpaceX Dragon commercial cargo craft will lift off from Cape Canaveral in Florida carrying something that's never been taken into space: A 3D printer. When it docks with the ISS, it will deliver the first machine capable of making things in orbit—a huge step forward for exploration. »9/19/14 5:35pm9/19/14 5:35pm


8 Objects That Signal a New Industrial Revolution

Are we on the verge of a third industrial revolution? The editors at The Economist certainly think so. But while rapid prototyping and the open source movement have been around for decades now, we had yet to see anyone take a truly comprehensive look at the transformation in manufacturing. That is, until the New… »5/16/13 10:00am5/16/13 10:00am

Beautifully Detailed Wooden Wall-e Sculpture Fills Pinocchio With Jealous Rage

Sadly, this amazing Wall-e sculpture is a limited edition of one, and it's already spoken for—by Wall-e's own Gepetto, Pixar creative chief John Lasseter, no less. It was created especially for him by English sculptors and CNC/rapid-prototyping masters Morpheus, which probably explains the hyper-detailed interlocking… »10/15/08 7:40pm10/15/08 7:40pm

Shapeways Allows You to Materialize Any 3D Object, Star Trek Style

While visiting the Philips research lab here in Amsterdam I came across a company that is getting the Star Trek replicator closer to everyday life. Imagine being able to create any 3D object you want-a World of Warcraft »8/26/08 9:00am8/26/08 9:00am avatar, a chess set, a lamp, a Lego piece you are missing, a house for a train model, or a fully…

Custom Nervous System Jewelry is Carved to Your Algorithmic Designs

Designers Jessica Rosenkrantz and Jesse Louis-Rosenberg have come up with a mathematical way to design jewelry. Via their Nervous System site, you steer open source "Processing" algorithms to produce a pattern you like. This is then machined by water-jet, etched and even gold-plated for you into real jewelry.… »7/09/08 12:15pm7/09/08 12:15pm