T-Mobile Raises Text Message Prices (Meaning You Can Ditch Your Contract)

T-Mobile is hiking its SMS rate to 20 cents a text (up from 15), effective Aug. 29. Annoying, unless you want to get out of your T-Mobile contract. Raising prices is typically considered a material breach of contract, meaning you can weasel out of it with a bit of elbow grease and persistence (to show that it's a… »7/01/08 10:45am7/01/08 10:45am


Sprint Raises SMS Rates Again, Claims You Can't Use This to Get Out Of Contracts

It was around this time last year that Sprint raised their SMS rates to $0.15, allowing you to get out of your contract for free, since it constituted a material change. They've gone and raised SMS rates again, from $0.15 to $0.20, but this time they say that it DOESN'T constitute a material change. What the hell?… »8/27/07 2:50pm8/27/07 2:50pm