World's Fastest Electric RC Chopper Can Chop 10 Heads per Second

I don't know what's more terrifying about the new Rave 450-class electric helicopter—which the experts say is the fastest electric RC helicopter in the world: the fact that it buzzes like an angry giganormous killer wasp who just got three speeding tickets driving a Ferrari on a coke overdose, or the fact that it… »6/05/08 9:30am6/05/08 9:30am

Joyrider, Possibly the Most Expensive LED Spoke Lights in the World

Moritz Waldemeyer, London-based shiny, spangly design person, has designed what must be the most expensive pair of spoke lights evah. Auctioned off at the ICA Gala Fundraiser in London last week, the Joyrider LEDs, which put a smile on the wheels of your bike, went for almost $4,000. Perhaps that's because they came… »3/05/08 4:32am3/05/08 4:32am