Drone of the Day: Pointer

Little heralded or known, in the actual revolution that brought small drones into virtually every combat unit of all four military services, Pointer was a pioneer. Developed first for the Marine Corps in 1986, Pointer was the first hand-held drone—45 pounds and transportable in a backpack. They were used in Desert… » 7/20/15 11:55am 7/20/15 11:55am

Silverstone Raven Gaming Mouse Has a Tumor on the Side, Can't Possibly Be Comfortable

Silverstone's Raven gaming mouse » 10/07/08 9:00pm 10/07/08 9:00pm really interesting at first glance, what with the giant, glowing and strangely hypnotic tumor bolted to its side. It appears to be a secondary scroll wheel, which sits next to the usual thumb buttons. And you've got another pair of buttons next to your middle finger. But when you…