Razer Blade 2015 Review: Finally Living the Thin Gaming Laptop Dream

Razer has spent years trying to build an impossible laptop—a powerful gaming portable with the facade of a thin business machine. It's come close four times, but the Razer Blade has never quite managed to stick the landing. At least until now—I've spent the last two weeks with the new 2015 model, and it's almost… »3/03/15 12:00pm3/03/15 12:00pm

Razer Blade (Late 2012) Review: Sharper, Better, But Still Not a Revolution

In retrospect, the first Razer Blade only seemed insane because we'd gone down such a preposterous path with gaming laptops. Bigger, huger, less practical. Then Razer decided to bring premium gaming back to regular computers. Its first outing succeeded with looks, but choppy gameplay fell way short of "premium." The… »10/02/12 3:03pm10/02/12 3:03pm