Razor's Lil' Crazy Lets Three-Year-Olds Drift Around the Daycare

Razor's Crazy Cart is just about the most fun anyone can have on a motorized vehicle without a driver's license. And in addition to the versions already available for both teenagers and adults, Razor is introducing a new model called the Lil' Crazy for kids who've just mastered walking, but realize that drifting is… » 2/15/15 10:30am 2/15/15 10:30am

10 Toys For Grown-ups Who Are Still Kids At Heart

There's no shortage of gift ideas for kids when the holidays roll around, but what if you've got a couple of adults on your Christmas shopping list who still have an affinity for toys? They've probably outgrown a stocking full of Hot Wheels vehicles, so here are some more grown-up suggestions for adults who never… » 12/12/14 11:27am 12/12/14 11:27am

I Drifted Like a Madman on the Adult-Sized Crazy Cart XL

Last year's Crazy Cart gave kids the ability to drift to their heart's content, but there was one catch: with a maximum weight capacity of 140lbs, most adults couldn't ride it. No longer, the adult-sized Crazy Cart XL brings 17mph sideways hijinks to everyone. And we rode it. » 10/29/14 5:22pm 10/29/14 5:22pm

The Adult Version Of Razor's Awesome Crazy Cart Will Be Available Soon

Last year Razor revealed a compact go-kart-like creation called the Crazy Cart featuring a single steerable wheel allowing riders to perform astonishing drifts and turns. Unfortunately it was designed for kids and had a weight limit of just 140 pounds. This made a lot of adults sad, but since Razor wants to put a… » 10/14/14 3:00pm 10/14/14 3:00pm

The Razor UAV Only Costs $800 to Print--Yeah, Print

Our multi-million dollar fleets of Predators and Reaper drones are quickly becoming the exception rather than the rule. As UAV technology continues its breakneck advance, the cost of producing even high-performance ISR drones is plummeting. This new UAV, for example, is so inexpensive and quick to create that it's… » 9/17/14 11:40am 9/17/14 11:40am

Tricycles Were Never This Much Fun When You Were a Kid

At one time it was best known for those compact folding scooters embraced by tweens a few years back, but nowadays Razor is making a new name for itself with electric ride-on toys that seem more exciting than getting your drivers license. If the Crazy Cart was any indication, Razor's new Power Rider Tricycle will be… » 8/11/14 12:24pm 8/11/14 12:24pm

​Razor Crazy Cart Review: Even More Fun Than It Looks

When I was a kid, the Big Wheel endgame was to pedal down the driveway, then peel out in a Mario Kart-esque sliding turn. That typically meant more skinned chins and elbows than glory. Razor's Crazy Cart, though, lets me drift to my heart's content. You want fun? This thing's got fun. » 3/17/14 1:00pm 3/17/14 1:00pm

Gifts for Grown-Ups Who Never Actually Grew Up

A trip to the toy store is supposed to be about finding gifts for all the kids on your Christmas list, but we all know at least one grownup who's considered an adult in age only. So here are some perfect ideas for anyone who still professes to be a kid at heart, even if they're old enough to be paying off a mortgage. » 12/10/13 5:19pm 12/10/13 5:19pm

Vizio 55" Razor LED HDTV Lightning Review: Good and Cheap

$9,000 for a TV? Doesn't matter if it's curved, spherical, or damned trapezoidal; doesn't matter if the LEDs are organically raised or not, that's an absurd amount of money to throw down on a set. And unless you're a lucky member of the 1 percent, it's not really even an option. Here's a solid TV for the every-man. » 9/05/13 10:00am 9/05/13 10:00am

Nothing Has Ever (Or Will Ever) Look as Fun as This Driftable Go-Kart

Razor can be as proud as they want for making scooters cool again, but what the company will really go down in history for is this creation: a go-kart called the Crazy Cart that turns anyone at the wheel into a master drifter. » 7/11/13 3:36pm 7/11/13 3:36pm

Vizio's New 60-Inch Flagship HDTV Anchors Your Living Room For Just…

Vizio's long been the champion of affordable flat-screen TVs, and its new E-Series Razor LED TV puts a massive 60-inch display in your home theater for a mere $1,000. That's not pocket change by any stretch of the imagination, but for a grand it's a heck of a lot of TV that doesn't skimp on functionality. » 10/02/12 9:28am 10/02/12 9:28am

Movember is Over, So Clean Yourself Up Using a Design Classic: The…

It's the end of 30 whole days of you raising money for a great cause and simultaneously looking like a complete chump. It's time to get rid of the beard. What better way than to use an iconic razor? » 12/01/11 6:30am 12/01/11 6:30am

Carzor Razor Scrapes off Your Beard, Then Folds Back Into Your Wallet

Unlike a lot of the crazy concepts we feature, the Carzor (credit card-shaped razor) can actually be bought—and for only $17, too. The razor/mirror tucks into wallest for scraggly-faced emergencies in the office or public bathroom. » 8/05/11 7:20am 8/05/11 7:20am

Nobody Needs a $100,000 Razor

Ukranian sapphire blade that stays sharp for a year. Iridium handle. Magnetic connectors. There are many unnecessary aspects about this razor, but none moreso than the price. $100,000. [Book of Joe via Born Rich] » 6/21/11 1:00am 6/21/11 1:00am

A Rolls-Royce Caliber Shaving Set: Guess How Much It Costs

Designed by the same dude who gave the world the Rolls-Royce Phantom, these TwinLuxe shaving sets cost—naturally—between nearly $800 and $1600. They are classy! But why so expensive for a razor set that uses standard Gillette Fusion cartridges? » 4/04/11 8:00pm 4/04/11 8:00pm

If Gillette Invented the Guillotine It'd Be Much More Effective

Three blades! Triple the effectiveness! And then Schick would come out with their Quattro Guillotine and then Gillette would up the ante to five and then it'd keep going until there would be no more heads to chop off... [Wulffmorgenthaler] » 1/22/11 2:00pm 1/22/11 2:00pm

Electric Razors Really Are Better (for the Environment)

I'm still a Gilette Fusion man myself—more blades, more better!—but I might finally switch to an electric shaver after reading the carbon footprint breakdown: Electric razors use 30x less energy. » 12/29/10 10:40am 12/29/10 10:40am

Who Would Dare Use The Butterfly Knife Razor?

It's times like these that I'm glad I'm a woman and never have to shave my face. Hopefully it'll stay that way when I'm 60, otherwise I'll be looking down the barrel of a butterfly razor like this one. » 2/03/10 5:40pm 2/03/10 5:40pm

The Braun BodyCruzer Is Not What You Think It Is in the Thumbnail

The Braun BodyCruzer is a full body groomer, an water-proof electrical trimmer with a Gillette's Fusion razor built-in for all-purpose shaving. I will keep my manly latino chest intact, thank you very much. [Uncrate] » 4/24/09 9:20am 4/24/09 9:20am

Rong Zun 758 Razor Cellphone Features a Built-In Shaver

I'm all for convergence, but some gadgets just don't belong together—like MP3 players with tasers and, in this case, cellphones with shavers. » 4/16/09 2:40pm 4/16/09 2:40pm