Watch this awesome Lego monster truck dominate stacks of books

Sariel makes the coolest custom Lego Technic models and this one is no different than the dozens that came before it. This all custom 4x4 crawler is jacked up with some mid-2000s Technic shocks that he designed to be adjustable and custom RC off road tires. I giggled when I saw one of his obstacle courses was made… »12/12/14 1:21pm12/12/14 1:21pm


Fat Shark Wireless RC Glasses Let You See Through Your Car In First Person

We were too poor to play with RC cars when we were kids, but it seems like it was worth the wait in order for these Fat Shark Wireless RC Glasses to be invented. Strap the glasses on your face and you'll be able to see through the actual head of the RC driver. Better yet, the head can pivot and tilt so you're not… »4/23/08 12:14pm4/23/08 12:14pm