Parrot Minidrone Hands On: Holy Shit, I Love This Hydrofoil Drone 

In the grand ranking of remote-controlled vehicles, the only thing better than a remote controlled plane is a remote-controlled boat. At least, that’s what I used to think. After playing with Parrot’s new generation of Minidrones, I realize that a remote controlled hydrofoil is the true champion of RC anything. »6/23/15 4:20pm6/23/15 4:20pm


RC Cars Are the Javelin Errand Boys of the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics

Track and Field athletes will probably roll their eyes at me for this one, but still I have to say I was amazed to see this little four-wheeled RC car scurrying across the field last night during the men's 5,000 meter race carrying javelins, and dammit, I wanted to write about it. After a little digging, I discovered… »8/24/08 4:00pm8/24/08 4:00pm

Silverlit RC Ducati Motorcycle Racer Leans Into Turns Around Your Furniture

There are plenty of RC cars and motorcycles out there today, so what Silverlit did with this 1:12 scale red racer is throw on a working driver and let him have some say in where the sportbike is going. Thanks to an onboard gyro, the rider actually leans from side to side, just like those crazy guys I see whipping… »8/10/08 1:00pm8/10/08 1:00pm

Axon Anti-Gravity RC Racer Hovers Past the Competition at 50 MPH

The problem with wheels is that contact with the ground generates drag. So, a simple solution would be to develop an anti-gravity car. No sweat-one already exists. Sure it's only a few inches tall but hey, this thing could give your action figures the ride of their tiny plastic lives. Thanks to dual ducted fans and a … »8/07/08 9:00pm8/07/08 9:00pm

USB RC Car, Controlled From Your PC Screen, Turns Desk Paradise Into Parking Lot

Look out everybody, it's finally available today. No one will suspect a thing when your tiny USB RC car is parked inside its charging garage next to your PC. But then the minuscule Mini Cooper comes busting out the door, and you're controlling it right there on your PC screen, beeping its noisy horn, parallel parking… »9/04/07 8:39am9/04/07 8:39am

Tomy Q-Steer Choro-Q Cars Now Controlled by Cellphone

Make way for the latest iteration of the Tomy Q Steer (also known in the States as Microsizer or ZipZap), and this one's called the Choro-Q, a teeny tiny toy car that can be controlled with an infrared remote. Its latest next-gen trick? Now you can even steer the little thing with your cellphone. It's just 1.5 inches… »10/11/06 9:36am10/11/06 9:36am