Watch a RC Plane Crash Into a RC Helicopter and Get Completely Destroyed

If you want to skip the build up to the aerial crash, fast forward to about the 1:15 mark on the video to see an 80-inch RC plane with 50cc gas engine hit a RC helicopter and then immediately nosedive to its destruction. The plane clips one of its wings when it hits the chopper and immediately spirals down and slams… »4/01/13 7:00pm4/01/13 7:00pm


LED R/C Helicopter Designed for Night Landing/Crashing

In daylight, we'll admit, the Roboppi looks a bit odd. But at night, this R/C helicopter appears as nothing more than a floating orb. It's a simple design. A few LEDs sit on the blades' turbine so that they naturally spin when the copter is in flight. Cruising for 6 minutes at a time per 25 minute charge, the Roboppi… »10/29/08 2:45pm10/29/08 2:45pm

World's Fastest Electric RC Chopper Can Chop 10 Heads per Second

I don't know what's more terrifying about the new Rave 450-class electric helicopter—which the experts say is the fastest electric RC helicopter in the world: the fact that it buzzes like an angry giganormous killer wasp who just got three speeding tickets driving a Ferrari on a coke overdose, or the fact that it… »6/05/08 9:30am6/05/08 9:30am