$55,000 Remote Control Has Gold Instead of Features

This here is the world's most expensive remote control. You might expect a normally-frivolous accessory that has had its price jacked up to $55,000 to have all sorts of bells and whistles, like an LCD touchscreen and the ability to start your car. But the Gold RC1 doesn't have a screen at all. What it does have is… » 11/14/07 10:15am 11/14/07 10:15am

Windows Vista RC1 Announced, Microsoft Inching Closer to Releasing This…

If you're one of the Windows Vista testers, check your mailboxes because Windows Vista RC1 was just released today. Not much has changed, undoubtedly, since the Vista pre-RC1 (build 5536.16385) was released a week ago, but build RC1 (build 5600) should have some improvements. Since it's RC1, by definition it's… » 9/01/06 9:00pm 9/01/06 9:00pm

Microsoft Vista Preview-Release Candidate 1 In The Wild

Microsoft's Vista PRC1 is out in the wild now. A select circle of testers gave it their thumbs up upon installing, saying it's "3x better so far" compared to the old betas. Driver support seems to be great as well. Do any readers have access to it and want to send in some screenshots to share with the rest of the… » 8/25/06 6:00pm 8/25/06 6:00pm