RCA's SoundFlow Dock Throws Off the Shackles of Wireless and Tethered Connections

Wouldn't it be grand if you could just plop your smartphone down on a speaker dock and not have to worry about attaching an adapter cable, connecting to a wireless network, or firing up Bluetooth and pairing both devices? RCA has done away with all that hassle with its new SoundFlow alarm clock that simply requires… »1/09/13 7:10pm1/09/13 7:10pm

RCA EZ300 Pocket Camcorder Shoots HD for Frugal Filmmakers

It looks like RCA is trying to best their own high marks »9/18/08 8:15pm9/18/08 8:15pm with the Small Wonder EZ300, an HD-capable pocket camcorder that's seriously cheap. In addition to shooting 720p HD video (and along with Kodak's Zi6 making HD the ), the EZ300's 2GB internal memory is expandable by 16GB via SD slot, which gets you nine hours of…

RCA's 1969 Two Thousand TV Was Computerized Vision of Future, for $2,000

Back in 1969 RCA made an attempt at a high-end TV »8/18/08 11:40am8/18/08 11:40am that was a vision of the sets of the year 2000. The Two Thousand was even made in a limited run of 2,000 and cost $2,000. That's around $12,000 in today's money, but for that price you got a 23-inch Hi-Lite tube that had "such a vivid, detailed picture" you could "even…

LG's Zenith DTT900 Converter Competes with RCA for Grandma's $40 Coupon

Last night we showed you the finished look of the RCA DTA800, one of the "digital switchover" converter boxes your stubborn granny can buy early next year with her $40 coupon from the government, in lieu of getting a new goddamn TV. The CES folks have praised the other box too, a Zenith-branded DTT900… »11/14/07 10:21am11/14/07 10:21am

RCA DTA800 Digital Converter for Analog TVs Updated, Delayed

We kinda forgot all about this little box for old folks with old TVs that was announced way back at CES and promised by the end of this year. It's got a fresh paint job and later street date (January), dropping a little more than a year before analog broadcasts shutdown in 2009 in favor of all-digital broadcasts,… »11/13/07 9:40pm11/13/07 9:40pm