Why the Future of Music Is All Bundled Up With Other Services

Today, Sprint launched a partnership with Spotify, which offers special deals on the premium version of the music service to Sprint subscribers. That's great because it'll gets you a marginally lower price for a great music service—but it's also the beginning of what could one day make streaming music services… »4/29/14 4:48pm4/29/14 4:48pm

Rdio-Exclusive Doc Goes Behind the Scenes of Felix's Space Jump

We've heard some about how Red Bull's chief engineer (with the help of NASA) managed to drop daredevil extraordinaire Felix Baumgartener from the edge of space and see him back down in one piece. But now a new documentary is going to give us—or Rdio subscribers, rather—a behind the scenes peek at what it takes to for… »9/17/13 12:40pm9/17/13 12:40pm

Rdio's New Personalized Radio Automatically Plays Exactly What You Like

In the future, streaming radio stations will be so sophisticated that they'll know based on all sorts of factors exactly what it is you want to listen to. We're not quite there yet, but Rdio—our favorite streaming radio service—has a new personalized radio feature, which takes a bold step in that direction. »8/08/13 2:01pm8/08/13 2:01pm

Vdio: Rdio Puts Its Social Muscle Behind Movies and TV

Today, Rdio streaming music subscribers with Unlimited accounts will get access to new video service from the company called, appropriately, Vdio. (It had previously been in a closed beta.) It's a rental and purchasing platform—not a subscription service—but it incorporates the social and content discovery features… »4/03/13 12:02pm4/03/13 12:02pm

Xbox Music Hands On: The Perfect Music Service—If You Use Nothing But Microsoft Stuff

We've known that Microsoft has been working on a music service for a while now, and we finally got a chance to check it out first hand. Xbox Music is exactly what you'd want in a streaming service and store. It's complete in a way that Spotify, Amazon, and even iTunes aren't. Microsoft's new music platform is… »10/15/12 12:00am10/15/12 12:00am

Maybe The Internet Only Wants One of Everything

In the early days of the web, the technology space was flush with not only money, but a specific type of optimism: that this new medium would allow anybody to make whatever they wanted, and have the world see it (assuming it was any good). This was before Facebook, of course. If you wanted to put something out there,… »9/24/12 1:20pm9/24/12 1:20pm