Watch How Silly People's Reaction Times Are in Slow Motion

This is fantastic. Distort measured people's reaction time by making them catch a falling ruler to see how quickly (or slowly) their brains can translate what they see into what they do. Putting the video to slow motion emphasizes how silly our reaction times can be. Some of us are so slow we might not even catch the… »7/05/13 9:00pm7/05/13 9:00pm

Reaction Time Test: Let's See What Giz Readers Are Made Of!

How fast is your reaction time? Schoolkids and their teacher are doing a study for the 2007 Yahara Elementary School Science Fair, measuring how quickly participants can click on an icon as a traffic light graphic turns green. The group is collecting data, trying to determine correlation between reaction time, age,… »3/15/07 12:15pm3/15/07 12:15pm