Iran's New Uranium Production Facility: Because the Rest of the World Wasn't Pissed Off Enough Yet

Taking a page from the North Korean Handbook for Successful International Diplomacy, Iran has recently announced that it is inaugurating a new addition to its Ardakan Yellowcake Production Plant. The facility will handle the processing of the 60 some-odd tons of uranium excavated from the nearby Saghand uranium mine… »4/11/13 6:28pm4/11/13 6:28pm

The Future of Nuclear Power Runs on the Waste of Our Nuclear Past

America alone produces about 2,000 metric tons of nuclear waste annually and our best solution for disposing of it: bury it deep in the Earth. However, a pair of MIT scientists believe they've found not only a better way of eliminating nuclear waste but recycling the deadly detritus into enough clean electricity to… »3/14/13 11:30am3/14/13 11:30am