Monkeys Can Read (Kinda)

You may think that the only thing separating some of your friends from monkeys is their ability to at least read. Time for a rethink: new research shows that baboons are capable of learning how to tell the difference between real and fictional English words. » 4/13/12 9:14am 4/13/12 9:14am

Facebook Wants You To Watch, Listen, Read And Want Stuff, Too

Facebook may have some upcoming changes that'll add Watched, Listened, Read and Want buttons to its social network, according to a rumor from TechCrunch. » 9/19/11 8:52pm 9/19/11 8:52pm

Computers Learn Games By Reading The Manual

The latest crop of game-playing computers have an ace up their sleeve that helps them dominate in games like Civilization. It's not some secretive backdoor tactic that helps them win. These computers can read the manual. » 7/13/11 8:08pm 7/13/11 8:08pm

The Loo Read Helps You Concentrate on the Task at Hand

Although we don't usually read the newspaper on the crapper, this Loo Read is a fantastic idea for people who do. It's an extendible shelf that gives you a sturdy platform for reading papers or books, and can even sustain your arm for writing if you don't push down too hard. » 5/25/07 12:19pm 5/25/07 12:19pm